Isagenix is proud to offer General Foods in the South Korean market. If you are new to this term, let us help you understand what this means. Many type of foods including weight control foods, tea, drinks and candy fall into the General Foods category. Even though no license is required when Isagenix associates sell General Foods, Health Functional related claims for General Foods are not allowed.

Here are a few Isagenix products that fall into the General Foods category:

IsaLean Shake

IsaLean® Shake is weight control product which is a healthy meal replacement option that provides well-balanced nutrition. It contains protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals, and a variety of other nutrients.

IsaLean Shake, which comes in delicious 3 flavors; Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry, is a perfect option for anyone, especially those who are busy at work or home but want to have well-balanced meal in convenient way. It only takes a few minutes to prepare – just add water, mix, and enjoy!

Isagenix Chewables

When you feel hungry and need something sweet to eat, Isagenix Chewables can be a healthier option than is typically available. Supplying your body with various B vitamins and featuring less than 15 kcal each, Isagenix Chewables are delicious chocolate-tasting snacks that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

AMPED Hydrate Orange

After a long run or strenuous afternoon at the gym, reach for AMPED™ Hydrate Orange. This refreshing, hydrating sports drink mix in powder type, which can be used daily, gives you rapid energy and has all the electrolytes and vitamins your body needs to maintain vitality and quench your thirst.

AMPED Hydrate Orange also provides vitamin B, C Complex, and zinc and can be used before, after, and during exercise to get your balance back quickly.

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Now that you’re familiar with General Foods, you might also be interested in learning about our Health Functional Food products. At Isagenix, we offer products and solutions that are backed by science and can transform lives. Still want to know more? Watch this video and dive further into our complete Isagenix South Korea product line and system packs. Feel free to share with anyone interested in learning more!


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