Interest in our South Korean expansion has been immense and people from around the world are excited about this opportunity! That’s why we’re pleased to announce that we will be offering a pre-enrollment period from August 20 through September 19, 2018 for teams with 50 or more prospective members.  Here’s what you need to know to participate:

  • Existing members in good standing with 50 or more valid Korean registrations can participate.
  • Contact with your name, rank, ID number, contact phone number, and list of 50 names and working, unique mobile phone numbers to gain access to the pre-enrollment site.  Once the list of at least 50 prospective members is validated, we will provide instructions on how your Members can pre-enroll.
  • The pre-enrollment site is simply a tool created for large teams to get organized. Prospective members will not be added into the Isagenix database until October 8, 2018.
  • It’s important to keep in mind that pre-enrollees will only have access to the pre-enrollment site and will not have access to an Associate Back Office.

Teams with less than 50 members can get started August 27th through September 19th by submitting an Associate Application form.  More details will be shared next week on


I have a Korean member that wants to get started, can I pre-register them?  At this time, only teams of 50 or more can use this system of pre-enrollment.  On August 27th we will accept groups of less than 50, instructions will be found at

How can I use this system?  When we have verified that you have 50 or more valid prospective Korean members seeking to be enrolled in your downline, a position in the pre-enrollment database will be opened.

Can I enroll a non-Korean in my Korean downline?  No, this pre-enrollment is for prospective Korean members only.

Can I change teams once I have pre-registered?  No, Once a member is in the pre-enrollment database, any attempt to change teams will be handled as indicated in the policies and procedures.

How will I get started on the anticipated October 8th launch date? Pre-enrolled members will use their username from pre-enrollment to log in the Isagenix ABO.  They will need to place their initial order, and finish their Pathway to Associate enrollment flow.

How long will a pre-enrolled member have to activate their account? Pre-enrollees will have 5 days to activate their account.

Will name changes be allowed after someone is pre-enrolled? No, a pre-enrolled member cannot change the name associated with their account after registration.

Should you have any additional questions, please reach out to