Media Interviews and Inquiries.

To protect the Isagenix brand and to ensure a consistent and compliant message, Isagenix has determined it is in the best interest of all Associates and Customers to have designated company spokespersons handle all communications with the media.

Accordingly, Isagenix Independent Associates and Customers are not permitted to contact, solicit, respond to, interview with, or otherwise communicate with the media about Isagenix, its products, compensation plan, their Isagenix experience, or anything else relating to Isagenix, even if they do not mention Isagenix by name, unless they receive prior written consent from Isagenix.

It is a violation of this policy to provide any information to the media without prior written approval from Isagenix, regardless of whether the information is positive or negative, accurate or inaccurate.

In addition, if a media interview is approved by Isagenix, proper media training may be provided to ensure accurate and successful representation of the company.

“Media” is defined broadly to include all traditional news outlets, television and radio shows, and print media, as well as all Internet-based journalistic communications, which may include blogs, forums, and bulletin boards relating to journalistic news or similar outlets.

All inquiries from the media must be referred to Isagenix at