Some Isagenix products fall into the Health Functional Foods (HFF) category. Health Functional Foods are foods that are manufactured with raw materials or ingredients that have certain specified “functionality” which is described/approved by MFDS for human health. Only approved health claims are allowed for HFF and require an import license and sales license.

We are pleased to offer several Health Functional Foods at Isagenix. They include:

Nourish for Life

Nourish for Life™ contains milk thistle extract for better liver health and a blend of B vitamins for energy metabolism and vitality. It also has natural sub-ingredients like aloe, bilberry, fennel, rhodiola, peppermint, and turmeric.

Nourish for Life can be enjoyed first thing in the morning, afternoon, or evening depending on personal preference. It can also be mixed with cold or warm water, making it easy to take when you’re on the go.

Ionix Stress Care

Ionix® Stress Care is formulated with quality ingredients like zinc, B vitamins, and rhodiola root extract to support energy, metabolism, and production in the body while helping normal immune function, improve fatigue from everyday stress, and support overall well-being.

This product also naturally alleviates stress, making it ideal for those with busy lifestyles.

GX for Energy Metabolism

A healthy metabolism is key to maintaining good health. GX™ for Energy Metabolism provides a blend of vitamin B that’s needed for energy metabolism.

The capsule contains a variety of ingredients such as vitamin B1 for carbohydrate and energy metabolism; vitamin B6, which helps the body utilize proteins and amino acids; niacin and vitamin B2 for energy production; and biotin and pantothenic acid for fat, carbohydrate, and protein metabolism and energy generation.


Today’s eating habits often include unhealthy refined and processed foods. This can prevent our bodies from getting enough magnesium, which is necessary for energy production and maintaining nerve and muscle function.

IsaMove™ is a daily supplement that has 350 milligrams of magnesium which is 111% of RDA and supports energy utilization from the foods we eat. IsaMove provides enough magnesium for the recommended daily intake amount and helps maintain one’s overall health and vitality.

Red Ginseng Shot

Being continuously exposed to harmful environment can cause the immune system to function at a lower level. Red Ginseng Shot is a convenient health-functional drink that provides energy and vitality and improves immune and memory function.

This product includes red ginseng, which supports healthy blood circulation, energy boosting, memory, immune, and antioxidative function. It also contains natural sub-ingredients like mate, Siberian ginseng, Rhodiola, chaga mushroom, and other phytonutrients.

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