It’s no secret that South Korea ranks as one of the most economically advanced markets on the globe. Their innovative culture, technological expertise, rigid education system, and well-skilled labor force help saturate South Korea as a place of immense opportunity.

So, it should come as no surprise that the upcoming market launch of Isagenix in South Korea will be nothing short of aspirational! How do we know this? Well…Just trust us. There are some EXCITING things in store for this market, and we have one insider perk we’re ready to share with all of you.

Within These Walls

While we’re just days away from the official market launch in South Korea, we’re already anxiously preparing for a series of events we are confident will propel your Isagenix business!

Beginning October 2018 and running through next year, our South Korea office headquarters will be hosting a series of Business Opportunity Meetings where you can listen, learn, or even lead a discussion within the convenient office space that has been specifically reserved for these gatherings.  Our Seoul office has expanded this opportunity to those living in surrounding cities beginning 30 October.

These Business Opportunity Meetings are your chance to engage your teams, talk about our Isagenix Team Compensation Plan, gather prospecting leads, hear about our products, or simply taste them.

Here’s a complete schedule of the Business Opportunity Meetings.

Rather than hosting those traditional executive “bored” room meetings, we want make sure you have a platform to mingle with your teams while educating them in a fun, positive, and collaborative way! Take the lull out of your meetings, and fire up your teams with us in Seoul.

Plan Ahead!

Will we see you in Seoul? Be sure you benefit from these Business Opportunity Meetings. You deserve it, and your teams deserve it, too. Got questions? These meetings are the perfect place to put that curiosity and confusion at rest. Make the most of your meetings by planning – create an agenda and stick to it, and always leave room for questions and friendly conversation.

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